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  • When are rent payments due?
    Rent payments are typically due on the 1st of every month, but you should reference your lease for this information. There is a typically a five day grace period. If payments are not postmarked by the 5th of the month, the late fee that is stated on your lease will apply and is to be paid immediately. If we do not receive your rent payment, you are responsible for verifying how it was paid by submitting proof of the cleared check. You may obtain copies of your check through your personal financial institution.
  • How can I pay my rent?
    You may choose to pay rent using our online rent payment system by clicking on "PAY ONLINE" at the top of this website. You may mail your payments to our 101 S Elm, Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27401 address, or drop off payment during normal business hours. Please Note: dropped off or mailed in payments must be in check or money order form.
  • How do I set up utilities in my name?
    You are responsible for contacting the utility companies to have the utilities transferred into your name. You will save time and money if you contact the utility companies in advance. In order to do this you will need to set up your account FIRST with the utility companies at least one week before you move in. Please note: your utilities will NOT be on if you DO NOT set them up prior to move-in. To set up your accounts, please contact the utility companies as listed on your move in letter.
  • How do I get my mailbox key?
    Typically, you must contact the local post office for keys to your mail box. They will change your lock for you and give you a key for your mailbox. They may require you bring a copy of your lease and pay a small fee.
  • How are the properties maintained or how do I report a maintenance issue?
    We have a team of maintenance workers that we entrust with the care of your rental property. You may request service by submitting a request through your tenant portal or contact us at any time by email at or phone at (336) 584-1232. PLEASE NOTE: ALL EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE REQUESTS MUST BE CALLED INTO OUR OFFICES! Emails are rarely checked after hours. Please also reference the "Emergencies" page by clicking HERE to judge whether your request is an emergency that should be dealt with immediately.
  • Should I invest in renters insurance?
    We highly recommend (and typically require) that our renters invest in Renters Insurance. Your property's insurance policy does not cover accidents that you are liable for or any of your personal belongings in the event of an emergency. Monthly rates are reasonable. For more information, please visit Nationwide Renters Insurance website or call our local agency at 336-229-0229.
  • What is the move out procedure?
    Please submit a "Notice to Vacate" as stipulated in your lease. You can fill the form out online, by clicking HERE.
  • Any other suggestions?
    The houses do not come furnished, but they do include window treatments. You will need to bring your own furniture, kitchenware, and shower curtains. Our preferred moving company is Little Guys Movers. You can reach them at (336) 600-1084. Our preferred local cleaning company is De La Garza's Cleaning. They can take care of all your house keeping needs. They can do weekly, bi-weekly, or even one time cleans. You can find them by clicking HERE.
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